Badass Body Online


What is it?
Badass Body Online is a brand new women’s coaching programme. It’s not a 12 week transformation or quick fix weight loss scheme. It’s an effective tailored lifestyle support system for busy women who can’t get to regular classes or personal training sessions but who want to train flexibly using the Brainbox combination style of HIIT, martial arts conditioning and yoga, as well as nailing their nutrition goals through 1:1 guidance. It’s perfect if you have a busy job, travel a lot or are on a budget but still want that tailored Brainbox approach. Small changes made consistently over time have a much greater cumulative effect than dramatic short term ones, so expect to see strength gains or weight loss that lasts!

How does it work?
After you have successfully enrolled, you will be given your own folder on Google Drive. In there you will find your welcome pack as well as instructions on how to get started. Each week, I will leave your tailored workout in your folder, and you will upload your food and exercise diary for feedback. You can also ask questions by weekly email. Workouts can be done at home with minimal or no equipment, or at the gym – I will programme your sessions accordingly. You will set your own goals and work towards meeting them with my guidance and support.

How do I sign up?
Email with BADASS BODY in the subject box and you will be contacted shortly.

How much does it cost?
Badass Body Online £50 per month for weekly workouts, tailored nutrition and email support

Payments are made online with your bank card and you must enrol for a minimum of three months. You can cancel or suspend your subscription after that time in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Give yourself the gift of fully tailored health & fitness and meet your goals with my expert coaching skills!

About your coach
Dr Tracy Johnson is a level four personal trainer, with a National Academy of Sports Medicine specialism in Corrective Exercise, a certified online trainer under the Personal Trainer Development Centre (PTDC), a yoga teacher and formerly a 200 hour yoga teacher trainer under Sally Parkes Yoga. She is a coach with more than 12 years’ experience of motivating people towards their goals and was featured throughout 2017 in the TV series Be Fit Bristol Fit. Tracy is also a registered combat instructor with the British Combat Association and holds a brown sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu under Team GB coach Sean Veira, out of whose Powersports Gym she runs group classes and personal training sessions in Bristol. She is also a well published writer on many areas of health, fitness, yoga and coaching.