Self-discipline for stress management

Ok, so surely this title is some kind of oxymoron, right? Isn’t stress management all about letting go and chilling out? When you understand that there is more than one form of stress and that some stress is actually necessary for us to achieve anything in life, no, it’s actually perfectly logical. Stress management becomes Continue reading »

Online Trainer Academy (OTA) – a review

If you’re a personal trainer looking to expand your client base with minimal hassle, then this post is for you! You may already be feeling the pinch working 1:1 with a full client list, or want to be able to run your business in a more hands-off way so that you can travel or spend more Continue reading »

How taking holidays relieves stress

Happy new year! January is often when our minds turn to booking summer holidays. On a very cold and frosty day here in Bristol, I am already planning a sunny break somewhere warm. While it is tempting to put off booking time out, a great deal of research shows that taking your holiday entitlement has Continue reading »

Ditch the detox and lose weight the right way

You’ve survived Christmas and, like millions of other people, you may well be thinking about trying to lose a few pounds or clean up your diet for the new year. As a nutrition coach (I studied for a year with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for my diploma, have my level 3 personal training nutrition Continue reading »

Are you in safe hands?

I love social media and I use it a lot both for fun and to promote my business. However, one of the aspects of it I find most concerning is the amount of free health, fitness and nutrition advice doled out by people who are blatantly unqualified to offer it, or where specialists in one Continue reading »

Want to lose weight? This is what you need to know

Yesterday I went on a training course to get my certification in advanced nutrition for weight management, as I felt this would be very useful to my practice and would enhance my work with my weight loss clients.  It might sound strange, but I didn’t really learn anything new or groundbreaking and that’s actually a good Continue reading »

Your confident summer starts here!

It’s pretty standard at this time of year to see fit pros all over social media advertising their programmes for a ‘summer body’, and I’m no different. Many people intending to wear a bit less when the weather warms up, whether that’s at home or on a beach holiday, will be thinking about making adjustments Continue reading »

New year nutrition books: avoiding the hype

It’s the time of year when a raft of new nutrition and diet books takes over the display at Waterstones, plugging brand new and innovative ways to eat, live and lose all the Christmas pounds.  I usually buy a selection as I like to see what people are touting as the next big thing in Continue reading »