Client testimonials

A selection of testimonials from our happy clients! Feedback specific to an activity can be found on the relevant page, such as self-defence.

From personal training client, Victoria:

‘I started PT sessions with Tracy early in the year, having already worked with her last year on a nutrition course which I loved. I knew Tracy’s coaching style to be very informative, personalised and  also fun, so I was really excited to sign up to the PT sessions.

Tracy made each session really different and really fun! My aim was to gain strength and improve my general fitness level as I was certainly not an avid gym goer! The main thing I can say about our sessions is that I really enjoyed them! Whilst Tracy pushed me and it certainly wasn’t easy, I really enjoyed the training and went away after each session feeling like ‘d really achieved something and looking forward to carrying on practising at home (something I certainly hadn’t done before!)

I’d certainly recommend Tracy’s PT sessions to anyone, as they’re so personalised and professional. Tracy clearly knows her stuff, and by in doing so can really tailor the sessions to the individual. She gives clear, informed advice and will ensure you achieve your potential.

From yoga client, Dr Louise Beckham:

‘Tracy Johnson is a very special yoga teacher. She is the ‘whole package’ as the saying goes; a strong personal trainer, self defence teacher, shadow boxer and advanced nutritionist (I’ve probably left something out!).  Her background of academia, and personal history of illness, has made her a sensitive and empathetic life coach, which has inspired and motivated me to move with confidence, despite my own physical limitations through having systemic sclerosis.

I would particularly recommend Tracy if you have muscle and joint disease, as her anatomy is spot on, and she regularly discusses issues, and her own practice, with her senior yoga mentor. Tracy, I truly believe you have had the major part in getting me back to work. Thank you.’

From fitness and yoga client Lisa:

‘Tracy is the best instructor I have worked with; always encouraging but firm. You end up achieving things you didn’t think your body could perform. I started 2015 very out of shape but thanks to Yoga HIIT I have found the motivation to get fitness and sports back into my life. A definite 5* class, I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to become fit and strong.’

On self-protection training, from Channel View Publications:

“Tracy ran a “self-protection for solo travellers” afternoon course with me and my team. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, and we learned a lot about how to keep ourselves from getting into difficult situations, how to de-escalate a potentially problematic situation, and if the worst comes to the worst, some very basic moves to get away. Although we handled some difficult and frankly frightening scenarios, Tracy handled these with sensitivity, while impressing upon us how important they were. I’ll certainly be much more self-aware as I walk around my home city, let alone any foreign or strange places, and hopefully if I’ve learned half of the key points Tracy taught, I won’t ever need to use the other half of them! But it’s nice to know that I have that other half as a back up. I feel more confident asking my colleagues to travel around the world on our behalf, knowing that they have the knowledge to keep themselves from getting into dangerous situations. We’ll certainly be asking Tracy to come back and work with us again.” (Tommi Grover, Channel View Publications)