Confidence Coaching

Want a toolkit at your disposal that you can use to feel confident in any area of your personal or professional life? If you feel that a lack of confidence is holding you back from where you want to go in life, then do get in touch. We will help you to become the more confident version of yourself: someone who can step up when the occasion arises. Brainbox has successfully helped clients to develop confidence in the following areas:

  • public speaking & presentations
  • personal conversation and social skills
  • leading & managing teams, both at work & in sporting contexts
  • preparing for significant events
  • preparing for school and university interviews
  • in personal presentation and image.

Confidence coaching will move you in the right direction and help you become who you want to be. You will learn a range of techniques that you can use to maintain your progress after the coaching ends, as well as receiving a voucher entitling you to a free ‘booster’ coaching session to be taken within 12 months.

Coaching sessions can be carried out in person or over the telephone, for greater flexibility & privacy, if required. Email support is also be offered between sessions to keep you on track. The number of sessions required can vary from a one-off to ongoing sessions over several months. Prices are available on application, with reductions available for block bookings and for low incomes. We also offer a significant student discount.

Boost your confidence today and email!

You can find Tracy’s chapter on confidence coaching in The Coaching Gurus, available through Amazon US.