Your confident summer starts here!

It’s pretty standard at this time of year to see fit pros all over social media advertising their programmes for a ‘summer body’, and I’m no different. Many people intending to wear a bit less when the weather warms up, whether that’s at home or on a beach holiday, will be thinking about making adjustments now to their fitness and nutrition routines to feel more comfortable baring all during the summer months, and a three month lead in is just about the right amount of time to see some noticeable changes.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not here to sell you a ‘bikini body’. As far as I’m concerned, your body in a bikini right now is a bikini body, and no one should be telling you otherwise. However, that kind of confidence is often in short supply, especially among women and also particularly now in the age of social media where swimsuit snaps can make it online before we have a chance to vet them for a flattering angle and we worry about what people will think.

What I want to offer you is confidence. Not a ‘perfect’ body, whatever that means, or a ‘shredded’ one, but a body you feel happy with and confident revealing in any situation because you feel fit, strong and healthy and proud of what your body can do. That is what made the difference for me. As soon as I started taking pride in being fit and healthy, my hang ups about body parts started to recede. Not fond of your thighs? They can run 10km, squat and deadlift – what’s not to like? Saggy belly and stretch marks? You produced a baby! Not keen on your upper arms? But you can do a press up!

I love seeing my personal training and group fitness clients growing in confidence and loving their bodies as they get stronger, more powerful and feel good in their own skin. And with the right nutrition supporting their exercise, they glow. I’m not looking to produce a stable of women with Instagram-worthy abs but a tribe who glory in their own strength, health and wellness. If you want in on this and are keen to see your confidence soar in time for the big summer reveal, here are three ways to start:

  • Take an honest look at what you eat and keep a food diary. My clients do this for me and usually start a consultation by telling me exactly what they need to change before I can offer my advice! Cut out the snacking and limit starchy carbs to post-workout meals. Make your other meals out of plenty of vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re about 80% full, leaving a good 12 hour fasting window between dinner and breakfast to give your digestive system a chance to do its work. Ditch calories from drinks and get plenty of water – unnecessary extra sugar and calories from smoothies and juices can also be left well alone. Eat plenty of veggies in their original, fibrous form for satiety and keep fruit to just a couple of portions a day, or you’ll be getting too much fructose and inhibit your fat burning
  • Swap endless cardio for short but tough High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Ditch that hour on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes of 30 second all out bursts with 30 -60 second recovery intervals in between and get that incline up to add some resistance. You’ll be burning calories and fat well after you finish and won’t stress your body in the way long cardio spells can – stress increases cortisol and this can also inhibit fat loss
  • Add weight training to your workouts by lifting weights or using your own bodyweight. You won’t bulk up (women don’t have the testosterone to do this) but you will build lean muscle and burn fat, leaving you with a strong and slender frame. You will also improve your overall health by increasing bone density, motor skills and general strength, which are all essential to offset the ageing process and keep us mobile and fit.


(Photo: My Saturday morning Yoga HIIT group at Sweaty Betty!)

If you would like to work with me, I can offer you a tailored combination of personal or group training with nutrition and health coaching support and some confidence coaching to really get you feeling fabulous for summer! Drop me a line at to arrange a free consultation. Prices start from as little as £49 per month for my online training packages and you can pay in instalments for larger packages such as my 12 Week Transformation. I am happy to customise any of my services to build your own Brainbox package and get the results you want.

SPECIAL OFFER: 10 x Yoga HIIT classes plus a nutrition consultation for just £99 (usually £120) if you pay by March 31st!

Here’s my client Lottie telling you what she enjoys about training with me, if you need some convincing!

Here’s to a confident and healthy summer!