Corrective Exercise & Injury Prevention

Why do we need corrective exercise?

Many of us develop physical imbalances over time that can cause pain and lead to restricted movement through the joints. These can be caused by:

  • repetitive movements performed in a job or sporting activity
  • injuries that have healed along scar tissue lines, feeling tight and lacking flexibility
  • injuries that have not been correctly or completely rehabilitated
  • postural issues and asymmetry caused by the spine losing its natural alignment, such as holding a child on one hip, or the pelvis tilting too far forward or back.

While these imbalances are common and a normal consequence of being desk bound or repeating a movement pattern, they may start to affect both your sport and exercise activity as well as your overall quality of life. This is where corrective exercise can help.

As a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified specialist, I can rebalance your body’s movement and biomechanics, relieving pain as well as improving your body’s ability to deal with force and impact for safer and reduced risk of injury.

(Linda displaying knee valgus in a squat – knee knocking in – leading to poor alignment through the ankle, knee and hip while running, and causing pain in the hip and gluteal muscles.)

What does a corrective exercise assessment involve?

An hour’s 1:1 consultation will usually involve the following:

  • postural analysis
  • movement analysis relevant to your training needs
  • use of foam rolling and trigger point release for tight and overactive muscles
  • targeted stretching
  • isolated strengthening of weak and underactive muscles
  • integrated full body exercises to bring you back into balance
  • follow up email with full exercise instructions plus video and photo images where necessary.

This follows the Corrective Exercise Continuum as prescribed by the NASM. It is not a substitute for physiotherapy or medical treatment but can help prevent a niggle or imbalance becoming a full blown injury, and can potentially enhance training performance through improved biomechanics.

Booking and costs

To book an assessment, please email with CORRECTIVE EXERCISE in the subject box and I will get back to you.

A one hour appointment costs £45 and is payable in advance. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged in full and cannot be carried over or rescheduled.