Have a healthy Christmas!


It’s not the best time of the year to stay focused on your fitness or healthy living plan! Even before the start of December, the holiday vibe starts to creep in with meals out, extra drinks after work and tasty but less than nutritious food sneaking in here and there. It’s an uphill struggle to eat a normal, healthy diet and to maintain an exercise programme once late nights and hangovers start to make their presence felt.

Now, I’m not here to tell you off. As a ‘fit pro’ who just managed to eat a massive handful of chocolate fingers even before I ate lunch today (and that’s what happens when you don’t plan your snacks!), I’m no paragon of virtue. I also believe that life is too short not to enjoy ourselves during the holiday season, so here are my tips for maintaining a healthy balance during these weeks of excess:

  • try┬áto keep treats out of the house. Enjoy those office Christmas dinners but make sure you can’t raid the cupboard when you get home
  • aim for as balanced a diet as possible this month. If you overeat for the whole of December you will have to undo a lot of damage in the new year, but only having a blow out over the 25th and 26th means you can enjoy the festivities without guilt or too much weight gain
  • maintain your exercise programme as far as you can. This will offset the worst of excess calorie intake and help you manage the stress that the festive season can bring
  • don’t go crazy with detoxes and fasting as soon as Christmas is over; it’s a miserable contrast with the previous few weeks. Lighten up your plates by making vegetables, lean proteins & healthy fats your priority, ditch the snacks and keep moving. Enjoy nourishing soups and stews and get back to three meals a day, rather than the all-day grazing that Christmas can bring. Give the juice fasts a miss – you’ll just lose water weight and won’t learn how to eat for fat loss.

If you need extra help to get back in shape and regain your fitness mojo in January, then do have a look at my special offers for personal training and fat loss, as well as my 12 week transformation programme. I am friendly and encouraging, so no guilt tripping or judgement, but you will get a nutrition education and a do-able fitness plan to get your mojo back.

Happy (and healthy!) holidays!