Nutrition & Weight Loss

Want to to eat a healthier diet without deprivation? Need to shed fat but lack the support to do it? Health & nutrition coaching with Brainbox is the answer!

Health coaching combines Brainbox’s extensive life & confidence coaching experience with individual tailored advice on nutrition to help you achieve your wellness goals. Dr Tracy Johnson received her training from the world-renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, where her lecturers include respected physicians such as Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Mark Hyman and Dr Neil Barnard, and is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, trained in over 100 different dietary theories. She also holds a certificate in Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management with Premier Global Training.

Health coaching works as a 12 week programme, allowing time to fully embed your healthy new habits and see real results. The package includes two coaching sessions per month (in person, via Skype or by telephone), email support and a free cookery book chosen to suit your needs.  No fad diets, no excluding food groups, no deprivation – just tasty and healthy food to nourish you.

pancakes chickenwrap

(A healthy roast chicken wrap and cinnamon vanilla pancakes are just two of the delicious recipes you could try!)

To find out more, and to arrange your free initial consultation, email  The 12 week programme costs £199 and can be paid in three instalments.

‘Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and advice over the last few months. I would never have thought that I could lose so much weigh whilst not exercising, I’m amazed and very happy. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the new changes and have learnt new eating habits for life. No weighing, counting or measuring, just sound nutritional advice with a few dietary tweaks for my IBS. You have always been there and have been inspirational to the end, I will truly miss our little chats! I now have the confidence to but bad days behind me and draw a line under them. Even when I thought I’d had a bad couple of weeks I still lost weight as the fundamentals are still there, guiding you subconsciously. My personal key to success is to plan, plan and plan which is something I will continue to work on. You totally rock and I can’t praise you enough.’ (S)

‘Working with Tracy has been an amazing experience for me that has taught me so much and made me feel so much better. I wanted to improve my energy and strength before going into a physically demanding industry full time and I’ve done both of those things. Tracy finds the perfect balance between pushing you to do your best and giving you lots of support. While never judgemental Tracy is very good at holding you accountable which made me stick to the plan. I’m feeling better than ever and I now have the knowledge and motivation to carry on improving my health. I’d really recommend doing yoga with Tracy at the same time as nutrition as the two really worked hand in hand for me.’ (Sophie)

‘I have decided to write you a halfway review: I would think twice about employing Tracy again; I’m having to buy all new trousers.’ (Kat)

‘I’ve lost over 5lbs in weight, my body is a lot leaner (have gone down a dress size) and my skin is a lot clearer. It’s been a very positive experience for me and I have become a total food bore on telling everyone what they should be eating!) (M)

Read Tracy’s nutrition advice:

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OM Yoga, March 2014, ‘Be Your Own Health Coach’