Self-Defence & Personal Safety

Want to be more assertive? Need to know how to deal with challenging and aggressive behaviour? Want to stay safe at work or on your travels?

Self-protection training is an invaluable personal & professional tool. There is nothing like knowing how to avoid & defuse conflict to build personal confidence, as well as knowing that you have some effective physical techniques at your disposal should you need them.

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Tracy Johnson trained as a self-protection instructor with O’Hagan Total Combat Systems and can work with individuals and groups to teach you the essentials of conflict management and self-defence.

She has a particular interest in working with female victims of violence, and is accredited and insured with the British Combat Association as an Instructor.

Self-defence training will help you to:

  • understand and manage fear
  • avoid or de-escalate conflict
  • develop your personal confidence in any situation
  • develop assertiveness & negotiation skills
  • keep you safe while on your travels
  • help you to come back from a personal attack and move forward with more confidence.


Want to learn how to avoid potential attacks, or how to survive if the worst should happen? Tracy runs regular intensive three hour workshops (priced at just £30) to help you do just that – these are held on Sunday afternoons, at GB Fit, Merton Road, Horfield, Bristol.

(Tracy with Katy Parrott, left, finalist of BBC 2’s Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week, after teaching her some self-defence skills.)


June 25th – booking *Please note this session will be filmed by Troy TV UK for the ‘Be Fit Bristol Fit’ TV series*

October 1st

November 5th

December 10th

Please note that at least six people must have booked and paid for workshops to go ahead, so please pay your invoice on receipt.

You will learn how to develop awareness and assertiveness, basic strikes and pressure point attacks, defence against a sexual assault, strangles and grabs from behind, and restraints and takedowns. These are essential skills for any woman as well as being a highly-effective confidence builder.  Message Tracy at for more information or if you have any questions. Classes are small and very friendly, and you don’t need any level of fitness or previous experience to take part.  These sessions are for women only.

Corporate sessions are also available for businesses. Please email us at with your requirements.

Have a look at Tracy’s article on self-protection for at:


‘Thanks for such a brilliant workshop. I learnt so many empowering techniques and safety wisdom. The practicals were such fun too! Delivered in classic Tracy fashion: clear, honest, gentle when necessary, sensitive and with the golden thread of empowerment. Cannot recommend this workshop enough.’ (Lyndsay White)

‘Absolutely amazing! I learned a lot and I really want to learn even more! I feel much more confident – thank you!’

‘@BrainboxCoach We loved the self-defence session that you gave to @bathgirlgeek! Great fun and informative! Would highly recommend!’

‘I learned a lot about avoiding attacks by not looking like a victim & how to escape a bigger attacker.’

‘I had an excellent time. A perfect session – thank you.’

‘Just had the most important lesson I will ever learn at your class today! Tracy is such a wealth of knowledge and delivers this in such a careful, understanding and interesting way.’